Yacht Sails

Steve Walker Sails design and manufacture Racing Yacht Sails, Cruising Yacht Sails, Traditional Yacht Sails & Kayak Sails. We combine our experience and craftsmanship with the latest technology to deliver quality performance sails.

Our yacht sails are reputed for their suitability, durability, performance and ease of handling, whether for competitive racing, cruising the Australian coastline or sailing around the world.

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Chinese Junk Sails by Steve Walker Sails

Personal Service

Steve Walker enjoys working closely with customers to ascertain requirements and to ensure each sail meets its intended purpose. This involves selection of the best sailcloth and sail shape to suit the yacht set up, anticipated sailing conditions, performance criteria and price. Customer feedback is always welcome and incorporated into ongoing development of sail designs.

Personal delivery of sails, on the water assessment and follow up analysis and service is provided.

Latest Technology

Our yacht sails are manufactured using the latest sailcloth technology, sail fittings and our in house design team, computerised plotting and manufacturing equipment. Steve Walker Sails work closely with International Cloth Suppliers to have the latest knowledge and products for manufacturing sails of quality and performance capabilities.

Proven Performance

Our sails contribute to consistent success in competitive events in all categories from local club races to major ocean races, our sails performance is well proven with countless State, National and World Championships.

From Sabots to 50’ Racing Yachts we have the expertise and experience to manufacture high performance sails, using modern fabrics, fittings and techniques.

Racing Yacht Sails

Racing Sails are customised for anticipated sailing conditions with quality workmanship guaranteed. Our sails continue to enjoy racing success in countless events – State Championships, National Championships, World Championships.

Keel Boats


Sport Boats


Trailer Sailers

Trailer Sailers are highly suited to Tasmanian sailing opportunities. We enjoy working closely with our customers to enhance their boat performance and race results. We have made sails for a large range of trailer sailers, particularly Hartley TS16, Hartley TS18, and Castle 650.

We manufacture Clubman 8 Sails, Elliot 5.9 Sails, Elliot 7 Sails, Elliot 770 Sails, Hartley TS16 Sails, Hartley TS18 Sails, I550 Sails, RL24 Sails, Thompson 7.5 Sails and Ultimate 18 Sails.


Dinghy Sails

Since 1974 we have designed numerous dinghy sails in all classes and our development is ongoing.  All Our Sails are customised for anticipated sailing conditions and crew weight. We specialise in Sharpie, B14, Sabre, NS14, 2.4M, International Cadet, Sabot and Mirror Classes.

Dinghy Classes include 125 Sails, 420 Sails, 470 Sails, 505 Sails, 2.4M Sails, B14 Sails, Corsair Sails, Flying Eleven Sails, Heron Sails, International Cadet Sails, Mirror Sails, NS14 Sails, Pacer Sails, Sabot Sails, Sabre Sails and Sharpie Sails.


Multihull Sails


Cruising Yacht Sails

Our Cruising Yacht Sails are are reputed for being reliable, durable. With quality workmanship, guaranteed good shape and performance. Sails are customised for anticipated sailing conditions and suited to yachts cruising in all conditions:
bays, rivers and estuaries, coastal cruising and around the world voyages.
We also manufacture a full range of Lee sheets, covers, accessories.

Glenn Behrens Cruising Yacht Sails

Traditional Yacht Sails & Kayak Sails

Our experienced sail makers often produce sails that are highly specialised such as sails for traditional or historic yachts and Sea Kayaks.

Our sea kayak sails come complete with deck stowage bag and can be produced in a variety of colours and sailcloths they are simple to hoist and drop with quality workmanship guaranteed.