About Steve Walker Sails

Steve Walker Sails was established in 1974 by Steve Walker. Steve believed there was a need for a sail maker who was willing to work with customers to develop quality custom Sails.

Our yacht sails are reputed for their suitability, durability, performance and ease of handling, whether for competitive racing, cruising the Australian coastline or sailing around the world.

Steve Walker Sails has also diversified to meet local demands for other custom made products including:
Shade Sails/Sun Shades for residential and commercial situations, including schools, childcare centres, entertainment areas, shopping malls, etc. P.V.C and canvas covers, filters, tarpaulins, tool bags, etc. for industry sectors. We also repair yacht Sails, canvas accessories and canvas products.

Steve Walker continues to welcome challenges and to enjoy working with customers to develop and manufacture items to meet their needs.


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