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Steve Walker Sails design and manufacture and repair a wide range of other custom products including: Shade Sails, Awnings and Screens, Spray Dodgers, Industrial Covers, Industrial Filters, Gear Bags, Tool Bags, Boating Accessories and much more.

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Shade Sails & Awnings Screens

Steve Walker Sails design and manufacture Shade Sails, Awnings and Screens for:

  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Public Recreation Areas
  • Schools
  • Childcare Centres

Our products are manufactured using the latest fabrics, technology, attachment fittings and our in house design team and manufacturing equipment.

Steve Walker enjoys working closely with customers to ascertain requirements and to ensure each product meets its intended purpose. This involves selection of the appropriate fabrics, product shape and design, anticipated weather conditions, performance criteria and price.

Customer feedback is always welcome and incorporated into ongoing development of sail designs.

Personal delivery and on site fitting of our products is part of each project, together with any follow up service that may be required.

Yacht Spray Dodgers

  • quality hooding fabric and clear pvc windows
  • quality workmanship guaranteed
  • guaranteed to fit perfectly
  • customised to suit individual preferences


Yacht Spray Dodger

Boom Covers, Sail Covers & Accessories

All our covers and accessories are custom built using quality canvas and attachments.

Accessories include:

  • Boom covers
  • Lazy Jack Boom bags
  • Leecloths
  • Sheet bags
  • Winch covers
  • Wheel covers
  • Hatch covers

Canvas and PVC Products

  • Restaurant Screens
  • Gym Mats
  • Gear/Duffle Bags
  • Dive Vests
  • Tarpaulins – flat, fitted and roll away.
  • Industrial Covers
  • Industrial Filters
  • Agricultural Equipment Covers
  • Mining Equipment Covers
  • Canvas Tool Bags
  • Repairs to Canvas Goods

Gear Bags

Gear Bags as manufactured, by us using robust p.v.c. coated fabric, webbing and zipper. The extra large bag features 2 large and 1 small internal pocket, with zipper and VELCRO®brand hook and loop protective closure.

Sports Gear Bags


We also offer a repair service for yacht sails, canvas accessories and canvas products.